"Lardi-Trans" is the registered trademark which works on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, USA. A lot of clients from CIS and the majority of European countries use our services. The project which had started as a site for our own offers today turned into a multifunctional working platform for many European transport firms. Dozens of advertizers use "Lardi-Trans" since only we have the biggest target audience in the sphere of trucking and freight transporting.


Our primary goal is to organize an effective communication between different participants of the freight transporting market that are involved in this sphere one way or another; to create convenient tools for everyday work. We provide our clients not only with efficient information about freight and vehicles but we have elaborated and introduced such popular services as "Reliability zone", "Notes", Forum, Distance calculation etc.


We try to make all our services as fast and convenient as it is possible. Our project is not a completed product — we are always in the process of development, improvement and we are attentive to every idea of each member of our site.


Our main motto is It is convenient with us!