1. The Privacy Policy contains the entire agreement between you and us regarding the processing and protection of your personal data and this Policy is an integral part of the User agreement.
The Privacy Policy applies to the website LARDI- TRANS.COM and its Services, as well as to the applications for Android and IOS operating system, but with account of the specifications that are set out in paragraphs 16-19 of this Policy.
The Privacy Policy does not apply to any services that are provided by other companies or individuals (including products or websites that may be displayed in the search results), websites that use LARDI-TRANS.COM services, and other resources which you may be redirected to by our links. Also the Privacy Policy does not cover the regulations on work with information of other companies and organizations that advertise our services and use such technologies as cookies, pixel tags, etc. to display relevant ads.


The extent, categories and data sources


2. We can have at our disposal the following information about you:

  1. the information that you provide during the registration of an account and subsequent updatings of registration data (full name; identification number from the state registry of individuals (record number of the taxpayer); e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, identifiers in different systems of communications; address of your registration as an individual entrepreneur; other data from the certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneur; other data related to your activities as an individual entrepreneur (license number, for instance) that also give the opportunity to identify you as an individual);
  2. the information that you provide while using the Website and/or Services (including the information you provide while you place offers connected with freight transportation, while you insert some information in survey forms, feedback forms, while you place opinions, posts on the forum, or while you specify some information in correspondence or telephone conversations with the Support service etc.);
  3. data that springs (and/or is automatically generated as a result) from your use of the Website and/or Services (date and time of account registration; date and time of visits to the Website; the information about using the Website: about browsed pages, followed links, search results etc.; data about technologies that you use to access the Website: about your Internet service provider, IP-address, about the characteristics and settings that are used for electronic devices and software to access the Website).


The purpose of processing and the way your personal data is used


3. We may use your data for the following purposes:

  1. to provide the proper Service delivery;

  2. to assess the interest of Users in our Services, to inform about new Services and updates on the Website;

  3. to resolve controversies and difficult situations;

  4. to create information infrastructure to provide security of your business;

  5. to meet the requirements of accounting, tax laws and other financial and administrative requirements;

  6. for other purposes of which we will inform you while requiring some specific information and your properly informed consent.


4. We provide you with the opportunity to select at your own discretion the settings for email notifications for a certain type of announcements (for instance, about the end of the term of payment for paid Services or adding of a partner by another User); however, you agree that in other cases, you will not be able to select settings to receive notifications. During the whole period of activity of your account, we may use your contact information to send messages of technical and administrative nature, news.


5. Your personal data is included in the database "Users" and its owner is Limited Liability Company "Lardi" (State registration code 30516477) (Otakara Yarosha Str, 24-b, Kharkiv, 61072, Ukraine). We process the data of Users on servers that are located at the address: Semyi Sosninyh street, 13B, Kiev, Ukraine. In case of changes, we will ensure your right to know the new location of the servers.


6. Your consent to store and to process your personal data is valid during the whole period of activity (validity) of your account (for unregistered Users — during the period of the access to the Website and/or use of the Services), as well as during 3 (three) years after the specified period.

Your rights as a subject of personal data are set in the article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection", in particular, you are entitled to:

  1. know about the collection source, the location of base of personal data, purpose of its processing, location and/or place of residence (staying) of the controller or processor of such personal data, or to issue a respective proxy to the authorized persons, except for cases established by the law;

  2. receive the information concerning the conditions of access to personal data, in particular information about third persons who obtain the personal data;

  3. access your personal data;

  4. receive a response with regard to whether your personal data is stored in a respective base of personal data as well as to receive the content of such personal data no longer than in 30 days period from the moment the request has been received in case other is prescribed by the law;

  5. submit motivated requests objecting against processing your personal data;

  6. provide a motivated request for the modification or destruction of your personal data by any controller and processor of such personal data, if such data is processed illegally or are inaccurate;

  7. protect your personal data from illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to a deliberate concealing, failure to provide them or provision of such data with delay, as well as to protection from provision of information which is inaccurate or disgraceful for the honor, dignity and business reputation of a natural person;

  8. lodge complaints regarding the processing of your personal data to government agencies and officials responsible for personal data protection or directly to a court;

  9. apply measures of legal protection in case of violation of legislation on protection of personal data;

  10. make reservations to restrict the right to process your personal data when granting consent;

  11. withdraw consent to personal data processing;

  12. be informed of the procedure for automated processing of personal data;

  13. be safeguarded against an automated decision having legal implications.




7. We undertake technical and organizational measures to protect your confidential information from unauthorized acts of third parties. From our side the access to your personal data is available to limited number of employees and trusted persons who need this information to perform data processing on our behalf and for the purposes expressly provided by this Privacy Policy. They all assume the obligations of confidentiality and, in case of violation of the mentioned obligations, will be subject to disciplinary, civil, administrative and/or criminal liability.


8. The access to your confidential information can also be gained with the help of usual authorization system using your login and password. We do not bear any responsibility if third parties receive unauthorized access to your account because of your negligence to security of your account.


The information you share


9. You understand and agree that when you (your Firm) specify/specifies some information during registration on the Website or while using the Services (in particular, but not exclusively, while placing freight offers and/or vehicle offers on the Website on behalf of the Firm) some personal data (in particular, but not exclusively, names, addresses, telephone numbers, identifiers in different systems of communications etc.) is legitimately spread (passed) to the general public.


10. You confirm your understanding that the main point of our Website and its Services is spreading and exchanging of business information, the part of which falls under the definition of personal data. You also confirm that when you register an account on the Website and use the Services it implies that first of all you spread the information in your own interests and we just provide you with a technical platform.


11. In the light of the foregoing, you hereby confirm and warrant your full consent (as well as duly informed consent of the subjects of personal data) to the above-mentioned public spreading of the data. Moreover, in view of the very essence of the Services and the public nature of the data spreading you verify your understanding of the objective lack of need, as well as the practical impossibility of additional notifications about the above-described transfer of personal data to third parties.


12. For the purpose of managing the access to certain information (for instance, information that is placed by User) we [provide paid Users with an additional Service “Privacy settings”. This function is intentionally not designed to manage the access to personal data and only allows to optimize the access to the business information that is provided by User. We also reserve the right to modify or abolish the above-mentioned Service at our own discretion and at any time, taking into account the concept of our Website as a platform for spreading and exchanging of business information.


13. In some cases (in particular, to provide you with the right to post opinions on other Firms, to improve your points in the "reliability rating") we can request from you a copy (scan) of the certificate of state registration of your Firm (you will need to upload it to your "Documents" on the Website). If the certificate contains your home address as your registration address as an entrepreneur, we recommend you to use privacy options for the Service "Documents" (for example, to set the level of access to a particular document as for "Partners" or "My firm only"); it will not affect your ability to post opinions and your rating points.


The information we share


14. We do not provide third parties with the access to your personal information unless one of the following circumstances applies:

  1. by your special consent. For all cases that are not expressly provided by the User Agreement, we request your consent separately.
  2. as a part of the measures relating to all Users, to provide security of all Users, including you. On the page of your account we display not only the date of your registration on the Website but also the date and time of your last visit to the Website. This function helps to maintain business transparency between Users, it is applied to all Users and was introduced on the basis of discussions with Users. We reserve the right to introduce similar functions (which will be applied to all Users simultaneously) in future also if there is such necessity. Before introducing it there will be held public discussions on the forum of the Website with as biggest number of Users as possible.
  3. for external processing under our control. We can provide our contractors, trustees with the access to personal information for the data processing only for the purposes that are stated in this Policy and if these persons adhere to the obligations of confidentiality and all necessary security requirements.
  4. for compliance with the law and public order. We can provide the access to information about you if we have sufficient grounds to believe that such use of the information is necessary to: (1) comply with legal requirements (including departmental regulations that have the highest legal force in their respective territories), regulations of judicial or other state bodies that can be executed forcibly; and/or ( 2) to detect, prevent, and/or take any other measures against fraud and other illegal and/or unfair acts that constitute a threat to the interests of Users, Lardi-Trans and/or public order.


Changes to the Privacy Policy


15. This Privacy Policy may be changed and updated from time to time.We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. We will post any changes in the Privacy Policy on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice.


Privacy Policy features


16. LARDI-TRANS.COM collects information that helps us improve our services, and also ensures that our application performs the tasks for which you installed it.


16.1. Features of the Privacy Policy for applications for devices on Android and iOS operating systems. We take Information from the following sources:

  1. The information from users. To use many of our services, you must have an account on LARDI-TRANS.COM. While creating it, we request from you your personal data such as name, email address, phone number or postal details and save them in your account.

  2. The information we obtain through your usage of the services on LARDI-TRANS.COM. We collect information on which services you use and how you use them. This happens when you, for instance, visit websites that use our advertising services, or browse or interact with our advertisements or content. This data includes the following:

    1. Device information. We collect device information (such as model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, as well as mobile network information and phone number).

    2. Data logs. When you use the services on LARDI-TRANS.COM or browse content in them, some of your actions are automatically saved to the server logs. At the same time the following information is logged:

    3. IP-address;

    4. Details about hardware events, including the data about failures and actions of the system, as well as about settings, type, language of your browser, date and time of the request and click-through URL;

    5. The information about location. We collect and process information about your actual location. We also use a variety of positioning technologies, such as analyzing your IP-address, GPS data and other sensor devices to detect devices which are closest to you, Wi- Fi access points and cell towers.


16.2. Privacy Policy features concerning filling out the form on the Internet portal LARDI-TRANS.COM for entering into a contract with an insurance company. LARDI-TRANS.COM collects information that helps us improve our services, and also ensures that our application performs the tasks for which you installed it. We gather information from the following sources:

  1. Information from users. To use many of our services, you must have a LARDI-TRANS.COM account. When you create an account, we request from you your personal information, such as name, email address, phone number or mailing details, and store it in your account.

  2. Information that we receive when you fill out the form on LARDI-TRANS.COM. for concluding an insurance contract. When you fill out the form on LARDI-TRANS.COM. for concluding an insurance contract you provide your personal data, for example the name of a legal entity, email address, phone number or mailing details, information about the freight and dates of loading and unloading of goods, and agree with the transfer of the information that you specified to the selected insurance company for registration and entering into an insurance contract. In particular, but not exclusively, we transfer data from the form you filled out about:

    1. The name of an individual or the name of a legal entity.

    2. The name, type, value, weight, volume and packaging of goods.

    3. Dates and places of loading and unloading of goods.

    4. Information about vehicles and personal data of drivers, carriers and other subjects.

    5. Other information that is necessary for filling out and signing an insurance contract.


How we use the collected data


17. Through the collected data we are able to provide, maintain, protect and develop existing services and create new ones, as well as to secure LARDI-TRANS.COM and our users.
The name that user specifies in his/her LARDI-TRANS.COM profile can be used in all of our services that require LARDI-TRANS.COM account. If your email address or other identifying information is already known to others, they will also be able to find your public profile LARDI-TRANS.COM, including name and other information that you specified in your account.
We may use in the commercial purposes (including advertising) the public information of your LARDI-TRANS.COM account (as well as the information about the actions that you perform using LARDI-TRANS services or external applications associated with your account (for example, about feedback, comments and offers).
When you contact LARDI-TRANS.COM, your messages are stored, so that we can solve the problem faster. Sometimes we send to our users an email notifications about upcoming changes or improvements in the services.
If it will be necessary to use your information for purposes other than those listed in the Privacy Policy, we always request the prior consent to it.


18. The information that LARDI-TRANS.COM shares with third parties.
We do not share your personal information with companies, organizations and individuals that are not connected with LARDI-TRANS.COM. The exceptions are the following:

  1. User has given his/her consent to it. We might disclose information about you to companies, organizations or individuals who are not affiliated with LARDI-TRANS.COM, if you provided your explicit consent to this or otherwise expressed your consent in the cases provided for in the terms of this Privacy Policy.

  2. For processing the information by third parties on behalf of LARDI-TRANS.COM. We provide personal information to affiliates of LARDI-TRANS.COM and other trusted companies or persons for processing on behalf of LARDI-TRANS.COM, while such processing is carried out in accordance with our instructions, the Privacy Policy and any other applicable requirements of confidentiality and security.

  3. By legal requirements. We provide your data to companies, organizations or individuals that are not connected with LARDI-TRANS.COM in case, if we conscientiously believe that to receive, use, retain or disclose such information is reasonably necessary to:

    1. fulfill legal requirements, a court decision or to enforce a request from a state institution;

    2. enforce the Terms of use or to investigate their possible violations;

    3. detect, stop, or otherwise prevent fraud, as well as to troubleshoot the technical or security problems

    4. protect the rights, property or safety of LARDI-TRANS.COM, our users or the public as a whole, as required and permitted by the law.


Cookie policy on the website Lardi-Trans


19. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to the browser from the site that you visited. It helps the site remember information about you, for example, store your language preference for the site. This will be useful the next time you visit the same site. Cookies are used for a variety of purposes. For example, they allow you to save the settings of advertisements and searches, select the most interesting ads and count the number of visits to the page. They are also necessary when ensuring the security of personal data.


20. Use of cookies that does not require the user's consent.
There are necessary cookie files, so-called technical cookies, which do not affect the availability of the site functionality for the user in any way. They are saved on your device, only in case you are actually visiting our site. And they are used, for example, to allow the site to display the version of the configurator that corresponds to the characteristics of your current Internet connection.
Also, such cookies simplify the transition from the HTTP protocol to the HTTPS protocol when changing pages, thereby ensuring the storage of the transmitted data. In addition, they are used to store users' consent to the use of cookies by our site. No user consent is required to use technical cookies.
By changing the settings on this site, you can not disable the installation of technical cookies.
Categories of cookies.
There are four categories of cookies in accordance with their functions and purposes – technical, performance, functional and advertising cookies:

  1. Technical cookies. Such files are important to ensure navigation and use of functionality of our website. Without such cookies, when returning to a page within a single session, some functions may not be available, for example, the history of your actions (typed text, set configurator values, etc.) will be lost;

  2. Performance cookies. Such files collect information about the use of the site, for example, data on the frequency of page traffic, confirmation of receipt of error messages by the user, and so on. They do not store information to identify a specific user. The information collected is used for statistical purposes and is anonymous. These files are used solely to improve the operation and usability of the site;

  3. Functional cookies. Such files allow you to save the information entered (user name, location and language used) in order to improve the site and customize its functionality and content. For example, if you use files to remember your location, the site will display tax information exactly for your region. Such files are also used to include user-requested functions, such as, for example, video playback. They collect information anonymously and do not track your actions on other sites;

  4. Advertising cookies. Such files are used to display advertisements and other messages according to your interests and preferences. They are also used to limit the number of times you see the same ad and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. These files store the user's transitions to the advertiser's site/page with the advertisement and can transfer this information to third-party organizations, for example, to advertising agencies. Cookies that are used to target content and advertisements, which are provided by third-party organizations, are often associated with the functionality of the site.


21. How to manage cookies on the website Lardi-Trans. At any time, you can completely restrict the use of cookies by changing the browser settings. For example, you can specify that when you save a cookie file from the Lardi-Trans website, you receive a message, or prevent cookies from being stored from certain or any domains. However, keep in mind that cookies are necessary for the correct operation of our services, for example, so that you do not have to specify the language preference and other parameters every time.


22. Data protection. We do our best to protect LARDI-TRANS.COM and our users from unauthorized attempts to access, modify, disclose or destroy the data that we store. In particular, we do the following:

  1. We provide authentication to access your account on LARDI-TRANS.COM. We constantly improve methods of collecting, storing and processing data, including physical security measures, to counter an unauthorized access to our systems.

  2. We limit access to personal data by our employees, contractors and agents, and impose on them the strict contractual obligations, the violation of which provides a serious responsibility, and penalties.

  3. An authorized person has been appointed for addressing data protection issues, whom you can get in touch with through the page "Contacts" or through the administration of Lardi-Trans.

23. When resolving disputes between Lardi-trans and users who are residents of the Republic of Moldova, the national legislation of the Republic of Moldova is applied.


Last update: 2020-08-07