Distance calculation

Cargo transport in today's world requires not only the optimal choice of vehicles, but also careful route planning. A reliable tool to achieve this goal – calculating distances between cities. Let us share how to use this tool to maximise your transport efficiency.

Why is it important to calculate distances between cities?

The accurate determination of distances between cities is key to successful logistics. This not only allows you to optimise routes, but also to really calculate the cost of transport and optimise fuel and time use.

How to use the distance calculation tool

  1. Select a specialised tool: Our "Lardy-Trans" platform provides a handy tool to calculate distances between cities. Simply enter the start and end point and the system will provide the exact distance.

  2. Refine route details: Sometimes just knowing the total distance is not enough. Our tool also allows you to refine route details by taking into account road features, detours and other important parameters.
  3. Optimise costs and time: Distance calculations enable you to make informed route decisions, helping you to reduce fuel costs, avoid traffic jams and deliver on time.

Use the distance calculation tool at "Lardy-Trans" to plan your freight transport efficiently and easily. Our goal – to make your logistics experience carefree and profitable.

To make your logistics experience carefree and profitable.