bus driver vacancies available in malta
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Malta looking for bus drivers .... 
good salary , good english and with D international licence
• Employment Contract: 6 day, 48 hour week contract on a full-time indefinite basis 
(includes a six month probationary period).
• Remuneration:
D Licence holder for: Government bonus + Performance Bonus 2018 (gross) – 48 hour contract
36-48 months €1,112 €15,750
More than 48 months €1,112 €16,798 
• Net income for drivers with 4 years and more experience will be around €14,400
• Potential net income including overtime and allowances around €16,500
- Salary increase yearly to a maximum of €7.20 per hour by year 2020. 
- Overtime is paid at x1.5 rate (overtime is applicable when the employee exceeds 48 hours of work per week)
- Public Holidays are paid at normal (x1) rate plus the hours worked at double (x2) the normal hourly rate
- Late Duty Allowance / Night Allowance / Subsistence Allowance


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