1. General rules


1.1. Please remember that we do not answer to all messages that are posted.


1.2. By agreeing to these rules, you agree not to publish any material protected by copyright unless you are the copyright owner.


1.3. There is no preliminary check of posts and threads on the forum. Once you send a post — it is immediately published on the forum Lardi-trans.com.


1.4. The administration of the forum does not bear any responsibility for the content of posts published by users. The author solely is responsible for the content of a post.


1.5. It is prohibited to discuss actions of moderators, administrators of the site, rules of the forum in any forum sections except for "Work of Lardi-Trans and support".


1.6. It is prohibited to discuss defaulters and dishonest partners, to describe relations with other firms or individuals. For these purposes please use the section "Trucking market", thread "Really Black list" or leave an opinion in "Reliability zone".


2. Posts on the forum


2.1. It is prohibited to send posts that do not correspond to the forum/thread, to insult or to threaten Users of the forum, to propagate racial, ethnic and religious hatred.


2.2. It is prohibited to use swear words (expletives) as well as to misspell them, to use letter/symbol substitutions or some variations of expletives.


2.3. It is prohibited to offend and to be rude to all other Users. It is also forbidden to get personal and to discuss personal qualities of other members of the forum.


2.4. It is prohibited to use aggressive style of communication, including negative statements towards other Users or communication with the position of superiority over the other User.


2.5. Rudeness and taunts towards other Users are also prohibited.


2.6. In case of violation of the above-mentioned prohibitions determined by the article 2 of these Rules the User will be banned:

  • for the first violation -  for 7 days.
  • for the second violation - for 14 days.
  • for the next violations - the access to the forum will be closed irretrievably.


3. Advertising matters


3.1. It is prohibited to place any advertising information as well as the hidden one without previous agreement with the administration of the site.


3.2. It is prohibited to post any message that is commercial by nature or anti-advertising information as well as links to commercial or competitive forums and websites to increase their traffic.


3.3. Placing of any advertising information on the site is chargeable. For advertising matters please contact us by e-mail admin@lardi-trans.com.


4. All kinds of spam on the forum are strictly forbidden


4.1. It is prohibited to write posts or titles using words in capital letters, to use excessively text in bold or change the font size.


4.2. Flood — repeated posting of the same message, phrase or word, littering the forum with senseless talks that are not connected with the subject of the site.


4.3. It is prohibited to "bump" a thread more than once a week (7 days).


4.4. It is also prohibited to create a new thread instead of "bumping" the identical one which was created before.


4.5. Cross-posting — creation of identical or similar threads in several sections as well as linking to threads in another section with the intention of gaining exposure.


4.6. Flaming — writing hostile or insulting messages aimed at other users for their views, comments, status as a user on the site, or any other reason.


4.7. Off-topic — posting messages that are irrelevant to the main point of discussion that was specified at the first post of a thread.


4.8. It is prohibited to post any private messages addressed to a certain User.This refers also to such posts as "look privatel messages".


4.9. Trolling,  which is the way of User's behaving who deliberately posts rude and provocative messages, interferes in discussions or insults Users.


4.10. Overquoting — excessive quoting, that exceeds the size of the quoted material above the original text of the author, vain quoting of a post which is located right above the answer or multiple nested citation. Depth of a citation should not exceed 3 posts.


4.11. Overposting — posting of several messages in a row by one User within a relatively short period of time.


4.12. It is prohibited to post personal data of other Users.


4.13. It is forbidden to post personal correspondence.


4.14. It is prohibited to post on the forum messages about freight, available (passing) vehicles (tractors, trailers etc.) except for threads specially designated for these purposes.


4.15. In case of violation of the above-mentioned prohibitions determined by the article 4 of these Rules the User will be banned:

  • for the first violation -  for 7 days.
  • for the second violation - for 14 days.
  • for the next violations - the access to the forum will be closed irretrievably.


5. Rules of creating a new thread


5.1. Make sure that your thread corresponds to the section/subsection where you want to create it. A thread that you create should best meet the subject of a section. If you are not sure whether you have chosen correct section for a thread, notify a moderator and he will move the thread to another section if it is necessary.


5.2. In addition to the general Rules there can be its own specific rules in some sections. If there are, read them please to avoid further errors.


5.3. Perhaps there is a similar thread and it has already been discussed on the forum. To make sure that there are no such a thread use Search and try to find a resembling thread. If there is a similar thread it is prohibited to create a new one, it is better to continue the old one.


5.4. Use such a name for a thread which can express its main point entirely.


5.5. If a thread by its content relates to several sections of the forum, User has a right to place it only in one of them.


5.6. The User can edit posts himself/herself only in the first 30 minutes after publishing. Upon the expiration of this time the User can edit/delete posts only with the help of moderator by clicking the "Complain" button  (exclamation mark at the bottom of a post). In the dialog that appears the User describes his request for changing a post and includes a new text of the post or indicates the reason for which he/she wants to delete the post. The decision about whether to edit or delete the post is made by a moderator.


6. Recommendations to authors of posts on the forum


6.1. Posts must be written in compliance with the rules of grammar of Russian or Ukrainian language, with no regard to age of a User. An exception is possible only for those Users whose native language is not Russian. It is also not recommended to use transliteration. An excessive usage of slang is prohibited.


6.2. Unreasoned and repetitive questions are also not encouraged on the site. Before posting some message use search and read threads fixed in the beginning of a section.


6.3. All sections of the site are being moderated. If there are any violations of these Rules the User can inform the moderator by clicking the "Complain" button or write an e-mail to admin@lardi-trans.com.


6.4. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove or post any information on the Website without explanation, as well as they can interpret the published Rules in their own way.

6.5. Administrators and moderators may extend the term of "ban" of the User at their own discretion or close the access irretrievably and to block User's account on the site.


Date of last update: 2013-10-03